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Off Baptist Road in the northern reaches of El Paso County on a ridge overlooking the Front Range of the Rockies, sits Pleasant View Estates, 321 properties nestled amid pinyon and ponderosa pines and scrubby gambel oaks, home to human residents, their dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and bees. Shaded roads and cul de sacs wend their way over hills that the Utes once roamed offering glimpses of Tava, the Sun Mountain, known today asPikes Peak, America’s Mountain, and providing habitat to local wildlife including bears, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, magpies, jays and more.

Binding the residents is their love of the privacy and beauty the neighborhood offers in homeseach with a unique style from humble ranches to frame and stucco contemporary buildings.Pleasant View Estates no longer has a Homeowners Association, but it offers residents support and conviviality through the Pleasant View Service Club.

Welcome to our “Wood Hood.”

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